Sunday, November 21, 2010

Things I am thankful for

Now, of course my Savior, my husband and my family come first and Babuska and Tonya, but this is ranking pretty high right now.

and as soon as I find an ooey gooey chocolaty brownie, it will be next on the list!
(if anyone knows where to find one in Kiev, let me know...there could be a reward)

posted by Sheri


PlainJane said...

Margarita just said you can't get brownies in Ukraine. you can get chocolate cookies however. i remember eating something called "kinder delish" (in the candybar section of the store) and it was like a hostess chocolate thing - no where close to a brownie but maybe if you were goes good with instant coffee. :) maybe one of your friends will welcome you home with a nice big pan of brownies!

James said...

A friend has promised a whole pan just for me!
If I get desperate I will make some myself here, I think I have figured out what I need and where to get it. We'll see if we all get to come home on Thursday...then I'll be okay. If I have to stay two more weeks with Natasha, well then, we'll be making brownies!~ Sheri

Joe Boyd said...

It was great to meet you guys and I love the blog. Joe

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