Sunday, November 7, 2010

The start of week 6 and another great visit

Today starts the sixth week here in Ukraine. We are ready to see our boys again (actually, we were ready right after we arrived).

We are so blessed to have been brought here to these two wonderful girls. We saw them again today for about 3 hours. They are both growing more and more comfortable with us. Sheri and I are both getting hugs when we first arrive and several throughout the visit. We even get a few kisses on the cheeks now. We just hung out today. It felt more natural and less like getting to know each other.

We found another family who is in this region right now adopting one of our girl's friends (and her brother who is in another orphanage) and we have been chatting with them. We hope to meet up this week. We just missed each other at the orphanage today.

The Lord has provided several new friends in the last day or so, just when we needed encouragement. We are both very grateful to the Lord for giving us another boost of His love through His children.

I am greatly looking forward, Lord willing, to post the girls names and pictures on the 16th when we should be getting our final court decree. We are praying still for no problems during this waiting period and for quick passports.

Sheri made a grilled cheese sandwich tonight. How did she do that in a kitchen that only has a sink and a fridge? With the iron and a foil wrapper from a chocolate bar of course! She enjoyed that sandwich almost as much as she would a burger from home :)

We have been listening to a lot of sermons (I brought 131 with us, I hope it is enough) and have truly felt and seen the Lord through all of this. This, along with staying in the Word, has helped us stay focused. As I look back on the last few weeks, I can tell you exactly when I felt closest to the Lord. It was when I woke up in tears the morning before the N and S first told us no. The Lord had woken me up, and I woke up praying. On my knees I gave it all to Him. I am not smart enough to write out how that felt. I can only say that while my heart was truly aching, He was there, holding me. I do not want that ache again, but that intimacy with my God I long for daily. When we are at our weakest is when He can truly show us who He is. Really, He shows us who He is all the time, we just aren't paying attention. We are so very grateful for the daughters He brought us to. When you meet them, you will love them I am sure.

We plan to go looking for a set of clothes for the girls tomorrow. We'll have to guess at their sizes, but I know Sheri can guess pretty accurately. It will be good to get out and go for a good long walk too. We'll probably take them out to buy a second set once we get the final court decree. I'm sure they will love that! I think we will take them out to pizza to celebrate too!

Here are a few pictures (not the girls yet, sorry):

Here is our kitchen. Notice there is nothing to cook on :)

This was a gift to Sheri from one of the girls.

A meal made in our non-cook kitchen :)

One of the bedrooms (the one with windows)

James washing the darks. We dry them on the folding drying rack that is in the bathroom.

The living room. Sheri is working away at chatting with someone on the computer.

The cats in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy...oh, sorry. Our oldest girl met us one day with a lump in her coat. Guess what that lump was? Yep, a kitty. The kitty spent the visit with us and spent some time in the cradle that is in the classroom.


PlainJane said...

life during a Ukraine adoption is life like no other! great job on the grilled cheese = what an incredible idea!

we stayed during the waiting period too, mostly because of money as well - it would be hard to take 2 days to go home and then turn right around and come back - you're in the home stretch now and the "waiting" is easier as there is an end in view now that is much easier to see :)!

i'm excited to see pictures of your new daughters! it's an amazing journey you're on and while this chapter is just ending, it's really just the beginning!

our prayers are with you!

ps, one taste treat i found in the larger grocery store there is a something i called "vanilla coco puff yogurt" - the picture on the front of the little cup looks just like my definition of what's inside - it's delicious and i think made by "dannon". are you enjoying the country's cheese? best cheese i ever had was in Ukraine.

adopting2fromUkraine said...

Oh boy is that apartment familiar!;) Glad that you found that apartment, it is the nicest one in town, we've been told and that we 'met' you:)


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