Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shopping and food and wow, how did that happen

We are taking the opportunity we now have because of the delay to get to know our daughters better without other family members around. It is much different being in a store with a child than just sitting around a classroom. They are showing more and more of who they are, and they are still very sweet. We are very humbled that God has chosen us to be their parents. We rely on Him for wisdom in parenting.

Since we did not leave today, we needed to buy the girls more clothes so that they can actually have a change of clothes. Yesterday we spent 6 hours out of the apartment shopping for clothes and food. We had already figured out that parents should add 10 minutes per child to how long any activity should take, but we now are coming to the conclusion that 10 minutes is not enough for the girls. I think we will add 35 minutes per girl :)

Yesterday, after walking to the underground mall (40 minutes uphill both ways-no kidding) at Independence Square and looking in most of the very overpriced shops, we found jackets for the girls at a store around the block from our apartment. They were right in our price range and the girls were happy. We were exhausted!

The girls in their new jackets. This market is just below where our first apartment was.

Today we went out again to an area near our apartment to look for a few more things. We found undergarments, a few extra shirts and sweaters, and are still looking for socks. Oh Target and Wall-mart, where are you? :) We also found a large supermarket that sells the Mibiha (mivina, it's like top ramen). The girls love this and it is cheap. We also bought potatoes and other healthy food :)

Sheri and Nastia cooked some potatoes and such for lunch/dinner. The girls ate enough this morning for 2 or 3 meals. We don't mind so much. They need the nutrition. They like bananas and apples a lot. They have also been eating bread with mayonaise (maybe not so good) and sandwiches made with the same, along with "solsiski" (hot dog like things that are cheap).

Nastia wanted to cook the potatoes so Sheri helped her in the kitchen. Nastia did very well and told Sheri she helped at the internat. She also said that she watched he mother make potatoes when she was little. She peeled the potatoes and cut the onion. Sheri helped her fry them up. Then she added cut up hot dogs. She spent a lot of time working on the presentation of the meal which turned out wonderful.

I was sitting next to Natasha who was busy happily coloring with her new markers, and it hit me. We are the parents of EIGHT children! How did that happen? It seems just yesterday we were newly married and "planning" how many children we would have. I am SO very glad the Lord has chosen to work His plan and not ours.


PlainJane said...

ah mayonnaise! we still have issues with margarita trying to glob it on! they both also ate a ton when they first got here but have now settled down to something more appropriate for their size and age.

in the town the girls lived in socks were sold in the store that also sold luggage and passport pictures. if your girls have not been to the states before it will be a cultural experience like no other the first time they go to Walmart!

your story from today was wonderful - i wish you many many more wonderful days together!

Albritton Journey said...

Enjoyed our day with ya'll. Thanks for the invite. Reminder Ilona's email address please.

James said...

We would love to "meet" you and have the girls email or skype or call when we return home. I think it will help them adjust since they are older, knowing that someone else has been in their shoes. Can you send us your Email address, if you don't want it published we will not~ all comments are checked by my IT Dept (James) so just put in the comment if you don't want us to post it.

Jodi said...

Ahhh yes...girls DO take longer for sure getting ready. Gotta love that easy to do boy hair!!! But girls are so worth it as I am sure you know. Enjoy your time together before you have all 8 together for that fun time!! :)

adopting2fromUkraine said...

I see you did find 'our' supermarket:)


James said...

June, we took that picture just for you and Dennis! That is the market we shopped at during our first stay in Kiev. Our apartment was just upstairs! thought the dark, stinky stairway. we found a different BIG market just down the street towards the train station.

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