Friday, November 12, 2010


No, we did not eat sardines. But yesterday we felt like them!
Around 2:00pm on Thursday we got a call from our friends the Weese's, (they are staying in a town near us and adopting a girl from the same orphanage that we are) they were in our town and wanted to stop by for a visit. Oh! How that made my (Sheri's) day. Well, we met them down near the market and were able to show them around the outdoor market area near us. It felt funny being the one's who were doing the "showing". I think we feel a bit more comfortable now, I do say just a bit. Well, after a while it was time to head to the orphanage for our visiting time and their facilitator was not back yet from his errands. We thought, "no problem," we would just ask (more like play charades with) our taxi driver to get the Weese family a taxi too. There are ALWAYS lots of taxi's waiting when we come down, except today! So after playing charades for a minute, we just motioned to the driver that we would all just try to fit into his little Lada. It looks like a little station wagon. So Brian sat in front and I got in back and scooted into the middle with James on one side and Sonya on the other, all was good, except we still had to get Brian and Sonya's 13 year-old son Harrison into the car. We thought of strapping him on top, but alas Sonya thought it would be better if he sat on her lap. He ended up kind of draped across the three of us, which worked well. We considered opening the windows so he could stretch his legs, but none of us could reach the window crank due to the sardine-like way we were packed in. The ride was very nice and full of laughter as we went over bumps and wondered aloud if the wheel wells were scraping, or was that the exhaust pipe? Our driver just kind of shook his head and did his best to avoid bumps. We arrived at the orphanage and as soon as we were able to locate the door handles we all fell out and righted ourselves.
We are thankful for this little bit of fun as well as the fellowship with like-minded believers we were given yesterday.

Earlier in the day (Thursday) we ventured out to try to buy some clothes for the girls to wear when we pick them up on Tuesday. We started at the outdoor market and were excited to find two very nice sweaters for 130 grivna each. We also found some warm tights for 25 grivna. We went into the market downstairs from our apartment to look at shoes. This market is like a little mall, there is a little grocery area as well as lots of other kiosk sort of things with different things for sale. Toys, cosmetics, pet food, flower/plants, office supplies, YARN :), knick knacks, lingerie, clothes, shoes, books and more. So we went to the shoe area and tried to explain that we wanted to try on a pair of shoes. The girls' feet are as big as Sheri's or bigger, so we figured Sheri could try on the shoes and we would have a good idea that they will fit. Well, they had some nice shoes, just not the right size. We are pretty sure the ladies at the lingerie counter were laughing at me as I tried on the little girls shoes. Oh well, we are getting used to being laughed at. So, we couldn't find shoes or jeans and we still needed undershirts, and undies as well as something for the girls to sleep in. We planned on going to a different shopping area Friday.

So today is Friday and we left at 2 pm and had our taxi driver take us to a shopping area near the court house. We arranged for him to pick us up at 3:15pm to take us to the orphanage. We started at the outdoor market there thinking we could find a better price that a big store. We were sad to see that most of the little shops were already closing up! We wish we would have started sooner. We did find two blouses and some undies there. So from there we went into a big building that we figured had clothes inside since we could see some from the windows. We were right, but we surprised to see that it again was like a mall, just with little tiny stores..and most of them were closed already. :(
James found a toilet and went in without paying!!!! He realized his error and paid when he came out (.75 grivna) it apparently is cheaper to use the toilet here rater than Kiev where I paid 2 grivna. I'm just glad the ladies didn't go in after him and drag him out for not paying :)
I found a store that sold jeans and cautiously went in on the just mopped floor (people here are always mopping and we always seem to walk in RIGHT after they mop!) The Lady didn't speak English (of course) and was NOT understanding that I wanted help figuring out how to find jeans in the right size!!! I noticed the price of the jeans and quickly exited. Wow! They must have been designer jeans. We left there and walked around the corner and saw a store with shoes so we went in. (it was open until 5:00pm yeah!) Again we were faced with trying to communicate and the lady just kind of stared at us for a minute. After explaining that we wanted girls shoes and realizing that we were in a mens shoe store. She finally was able to get us to understand that there was a store across the street that might have what we were looking for, but by this time we were a bit tired so we wandered back to wait for our taxi.

We visited with the girls this evening and had a good time. Our younger girl like to take Daddy's pen and have him chase her all over the room to get it back. Daddy likes this game too. We try hard not to break anything in the room full of desks as they race around at top speed. It usually ends with someone getting a minor injury and lots of hugs and such. We are planning a little party tomorrow for our anniversary. We will bring pizza and cake and hopefully share this time with our friends the Weeses
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adopting2fromUkraine said...

I'm sure those taxi drivers have some funny stories to share about us Americans fitting so many in their tiny cars. We fit 7 people 3 kids 4 adults, inside a taxi in Kiev once. lol I bought a needle and thread in that yarn area once that was needed to mend a tear;) I thought the prices were a little high at the inside market.

All these things make for great memories. Hope you get (or got by now) together with the Weese's today. It helps so much to have someone else there with you.

Please send me the number and name of your taxi driver if you get a chance. I know someone who will there in a few months.


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