Monday, November 15, 2010

Quick update

So it looks like we won't get the girls from the orphanage until Wednesday. This will actually (Lord willing) speed up our trip home by getting all the paperwork done in one day rather than spread out over two (because of the time it takes to pickup the girls). Pray we can get it all done in one day and be on our way to Kiev with the girls on Wednesday night, and then on our way home this weekend.


PlainJane said...

a year and a half ago my husband was in your exact shoes! because of the weekend, day 10, sunday, was actually monday so nothing could be picked up until tuesday, day 12 but really day 11 because of the weekend. he was able to get the old style passports and hearing his account of events of that final day it was like a Ukrainian version of "planes, trains and automobiles"! they ran to get on the train, and were loading suitcases into their storage spot as the train was pulling out of the station. (he brought the girls home alone as I had gone back after court to care for our other 3 children) just like the actual day of delivery when giving birth - the good Lord knows the day of delivery from their old life and into their new! How wonderful you know the Lord who has this all under His control!

Albritton Journey said...

where r ya'll? We are in Kyiv.

James said...

We are still in region, which is about a 16 hour train ride to Kiev. When are you leaving Kiev?

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