Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not going home yet

Nothing surprises God. He knew what would happen today including our 14+ hour bus ride to Kiev getting pulled over by the police 3 times with one stop being about an hour, making us late this morning to Kiev. So here is the details: one of our daughters show something "suspicious" on the x-ray today for the medical exam (req'd for visas). The doctor said we have to get a 3 day test. Can't start test till Monday, meaning results come in Wednesday afternoon. We have to then scramble to get visas from embassy before they close for the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend, leaving us here another week. The doctor was not a kind person, at all. She made my daughter cry, which made me not a happy papa! We have another route we (our facilitator) is going to ask about tomorrow. Pray. We would like to come home now, but trust in His timing.


PlainJane said...

is the "3 day test" the TB test? both our daughters tested positive on their tb tests when they got here and spent 9 months on antibiotics (which, since it is considered a "public health issue", caused the health department to give us all the antibiotics for no charge - sent a one month supply for each girl to our doctor's office). It is my understanding for reasons i cannot fully remember, that virtually all children coming out of Ukraine will test positive on their tb test - maybe either due to institutional exposure or the actual immunization they were given. good luck and praying "Thy will be done" for you! God is always good.

Janee said...

James and Sheri, I am SO sorry about this unexpected delay. My mother-in-law and I just stopped and prayed for your family. Your trust in God through all of this is a beautiful thing to see.

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