Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No more Wednesdays

Lord willing, the girls will never spend another Wednesday in the orphanage. Our facilitator confirmed with us yesterday that we will pick up the final court decree, if there are no problems, sometime on Tuesday the 16th. We cannot wait.

Yesterday our regular taxi dropped us off and told us another taxi would be picking us up. He said he would call another taxi. This has happened before and has never been a problem. After another great visit we came down to meet the taxi, but there was no taxi. After waiting for awhile in the wind, we called called our facilitator (not with us right now) who then talked with one of the girls and told her to call a taxi for us, which she did. The first guy said he was not working and gave her another number. As best as we can tell, the next taxi said no (wonder why - a young girl asking for a taxi to come to the orphanage). The facilitator ending up called the taxi that said no, and 10 minutes later the taxi showed up.

Tonight during our visit the power went out at the orphanage. We had been told about power outages here, but so far had not had a problem. It was only out for a short time.

Our younger girl had been complaining about her nose hurting yesterday and today it was worse. The tip of her nose was red and there was a little dried blood just on the inside of her nose. She felt to us to have a low grade fever, but she insisted she was fine. We called our facilitator to have him ask her about it and she told him it was no big deal and the nurse has put some cream in her nose. We want to help her, but we can't do much yet. Please pray for healing for whatever is causing her problems.

God is good and continues to carry us along. We trust He will give us our daily measure of grace as we wait to pickup the girls and wait for passports after that. We talked to our younger boys today. Our youngest sounded very sad. I wanted to reach through the phone and hug and kiss, but obviously could not. Hang in there little man (all my little/young men), Mommy and Daddy will be home soon.

We bought a rotisserie chicken at the little chicken hut today. It was 45 grivna and worth every coin. Very good. We'll be stopping by there again as we can get several meals out of one chicken, and it was good. Way better than our attempt at spaghetti the other day. Not so good.

Thank you all for your continued prayers.


adopting2fromUkraine said...

Hallelujah! Almost there. Glad you liked the chicken since I recommended it;)


Sonya said...

Ok you must post about the taxi today. LOL So glad we met up with you all! It has been a blessing. Hoping to get to hang out a bit more before we all take home our new family members. God bless and see you soon!

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