Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Jacob and Elijah!

I am praying that this will a very busy week. If we are able to get the older style passports, there is a small, very small chance we could head home this weekend. I am praying for that of course, but preparing for a longer wait.

If there are no appeals and no other issues, we should be getting our final documents from the court sometime tomorrow and be able to pickup the girls from the orphanage, and we cannot wait!

Because I foresee that this could be such a busy week, I am posting this happy birthday message to our sons Jacob and Elijah, who will both have birthdays in the coming week. Boys, we are so sorry we are not able to be there with you on your birthdays. We love you both so much! We will have another birthday party for you when we get home. I hope you like the gifts we got you before we left.

We are so blessed with each of our children and are very ready to be with them again.

Elijah, we love your creativeness with Legos, and how you always have a gun (toy) in hand ready to handle any enemies that show up :)

Jacob, we love how you can see completed projects in a pile of random items (like when you built a Wall-E robot out of scrap items), and how you love to tell us what you are thinking about :)


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