Monday, November 1, 2010

Court getting close

We have court this Wednesday. We appreciate all of your prayers that it will be completed in one day, and that we will have no more delays during this adoption.

We did not visit the girls Sunday as it was election day here and the orphanage was a polling place. We saw them today. We are getting to know them a bit more each visit and are really enjoying our time with them.

I think not having anything to do yesterday was tough on us. It was a very long day. We miss our boys a lot (a lot). We have started week 5 now and had thought we would be almost going home by now. God is sovereign, and nothing that has happened, nor anything that will happen, surprises Him (right Renee?) and we take great comfort in that solid fact.

One of the girls (A) likes rap music and tried to get me to repeat a rhythm she was doing. So she has me thumping my chest, snapping and clapping. It was a comedy routine as a tried to learn what she was doing. She must have thought I was musically hopeless (I am, and I have the "Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless" book to prove it). She did it pretty well though. We'll have a challenge finding rap music that we will allow. We downloaded Toby Mac's Irene and they both seem to like that one, given that they will play it over and over again. We need to download another one so they have another option.

I hope to upload some pictures soon. Maybe it will add some color to this blog :)

Grace and peace to you.

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