Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Closer to home

Here is where things are at now. We have all the documents we need now except one saying that our oldest girl is not a criminal (required if the child is 14 or over and she is 14), the passports, and we need to sign documents stating that we are taking "delivery" of our new daughters from the orphanage. We pray that we do get the passports tomorrow. If so, we will working our way back to Kiev tomorrow afternoon or evening!

We will get the girls at 8 AM at the orphanage and do more paper chasing here, then drive to bigger city in this region to finish the passports. We will have to pay for two taxis to take us all, as an official from here has to hand deliver something for the passports and then needs a ride back. Also, the little Lada we are riding in is a bit small to carry the girls, Sheri and I, and our facilitator for a one-hour drive, so we can split up a bit and make the ride more comfortable. Please keep praying. We have been so blessed to know that many of you have given up sleep to pray for us. Thank you! I praise to our God for moving mountains today!

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