Sunday, November 21, 2010


Numbered List
Rich and Cheri Strahm

We were able to go to church this morning. We contacted Rich Strahm who was gracious enough to arrange to come to the Metro station nearest us and escort us and our friends the Albritton's to his church. The day went something like this:

1. Add at least 40 minutes to the get ready time to account for the girls needs.
2. Encourage the girls to get ready and actually get out of the apartment....discuss who will push the button on the elevator.
3. Try to explain to the Albritton's where the Metro station is- like the blind leading the blind since neither of really knows where we are going, or where we have been.
4. Walk the 3 blocks to the Metro station...UPHILL~ note to self (Sheri), begin exercise program.
5. Meet the Albritton's and wait for Rich (we were early, Yeah!)
6. We entered the Metro station and rode an incredibly long, fast escalator way down
underground. (The girls are still getting used to riding and getting on and off of escalators, and elevators make them dizzy)
Almost at the bottom

7. The Metro stations are beautiful (so are our girls)

8. We rode the metro, We all almost fell down in one big lump when the train started.
9. After the Metro we rode a bus, then walked again for about 3 blocks.
10. We arrived at the church about 30 minutes early which gave us all some time to dry off (did I mention it was misty and wet today?)

11. We were greeted warmly and felt very welcome.
12. There is just something about being around fellow Christians, you just feel like family.
13. The Worship music was great even though we could not understand it....that didn't matter.
14 Rich introduced us to the congregation and asked James to share a bit. He shared a short testimony and shared about our family and the adoption. He cried :)
15. The message was given by a American, and translated to Russian. Usually the other way around, but they had a guest today.
16. The girls were very good during the service, they even sang some of the songs. Seeds being planted :)
17. After the service we went to a buffet lunch. YUM!
This is the dessert that Natasha chose, I thought it was worthy of a picture.

18. The fellowship was Awesome, the day was great!
19. Rich took us on the bus back to the Metro station and put us on the train with instructions to get off on the 7th stop. We all spent the ride chatting, while carefully counting stops.
20. We were all relieved when we exited the train and saw the familiar station. Back up the long escalator and we said our goodbyes and walked to the market and then to our apartment.

Just a side note, all three women are named Sherrie, Cheri, and Sheri!
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PlainJane said...

oh what a great story! i'm so happy you got to worship with believers today! in any language and across cultural differences worship is the same! The Ukraine Bible Institute was in the town where we stayed and there was a budget hotel on the 3rd floor of the building (that's where we stayed on our second trip and was the absolute cleanest and best smelling place we stayed in the 7+weeks of our trip!) and got to worship with the church that met there one Sunday - it was wonderful. They sang old hymns in Russian and we sang along in English. A kind and beautiful lady translated the sermon for us. It was wonderful and refreshing. I am so happy to know the Lord provided you with this treat today! He is so good! I will continue to pray for you as you go forward this week!

adopting2fromUkraine said...

Two of the prettiest girls from the orphanage;)


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