Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Adventures of Puddles

When our son Elijah was born, he received a little stuffed dog by the name of Puddles. He grew very attached to that little dog, so we bought a backup dog just in case Puddles was ever misplaced. We decided to bring the backup Puddles along for our adoption trip and take random pictures of him. Perhaps we will continue this on family trips. Sounds fun :)

Here are some pictures of Puddles:

Puddles, waiting to get on the plane at FYI

Puddles is tucked in safe and sound for the flight to Portland

We are getting close to Amsterdam! "I can't wait to get off this plane!"
Those were Sheri's thoughts, Puddles was quite happy on the plane, but Sheri didn't sleep much and was VERY uncomfortable.

The last leg of our flight to Ukraine. The view from our plane in Amsterdam.

Our first apartment in Kiev. Puddles was happy to have made a friend.

The kitchen was very stylish, Retro I think?

Our first overnight train ride...again Sheri did not sleep...and don't EVEN ask about the bathroom!

Things got very busy for a few days and sadly Puddles didn't get out much. He was very happy when we bought these two guys to keep him company!
We were back in Kiev and ready to head to our new region and meet the girls.

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Make more. I miss you.

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