Sunday, October 3, 2010

We made it.

Sorry for the long delay in posting - it was a crazy last few weeks. We had a great trip here with only a few delays that were almost totally made up for in the air. I made sure to sleep on the long leg so I hope that will help to avoid any jet lag. Sheri did not really sleep at all, so I am sure she will sleep really well tonight.

By the way, I highly recommend the VIP service when you fly in. It is well worth the money to have someone meet you in customs with a sign that has your name and then take you by the hand to get everything done and get you out of the airport.

Leaving the boys was hard. Not as hard as when we put the girls on the plane in April, but it was still hard. I suppose that is because we know the boys are all in good hands, and that Lord willing, we will see them again very soon :)

There are so many interesting things to look at on the drive from the airport. So many buildings with so much history and character (the drivers have a lot of character too, but that is a post all by itself ;)

The Lord continues to show me He is in control, and I will really need to keep that in mind during this whole process. He has opened my eyes more to who He is - I wish I could get it all down in words. I will sum it up this way: He created it all, and He holds it all together, and what He calls me to do is for His glory, not for mine.

I so much look forward to seeing the girls soon. I have no idea how they will react when they see us. Will they run up and hug us. Will they shy away? Will they cry? We should be prepared for anything.

I wanted to bring glory to God for an amazing thing He did recently. A fundraiser was done for a precious little girl who desperately needs a loving family on a blog we follow ( After the request for funds was posted, this little girls grant fund went from around $400 to $20,000 in five days! That puts me on my knees in worship right there.

Our SDA appointment Tuesday. We appreciate all your prayers. Pray for favor will all the people we come in contact with, and that we would be able to show them Christ's love.

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