Saturday, October 23, 2010

Start of week four

This marks the fourth Sunday that we have been here, the start of our fourth week. We continue to meet with the girls for a few hours every day (as much as we are allowed) and try to come up with creative things to play.

Yesterday we played baseball, which was very interesting considering the fact that we meet with the girls in a classroom. We made sure that the ball (a hacky sack that Sheri crotched and filled with beans) went away from the breakables :).

We tossed the hacky sacks into a trash can from across the room. Sheri had her hair braided in many different ways. Funny, no one tried to braid mine :) We played some more Go Fish and Left, Right, Center, but we needed to find something else, so we wondered through a local open air market and found a 3 in 1 game board with checkers, chess, and backgammon. I think that will add a bit of a change of pace for today's visit.

We had some very delicious cabbage rolls for lunch yesterday. Sheri was not to excited about them, but they reminded me of food my Grandma used to cook. We have really only be eating one meal a day, lunch, and snacking for the others (this morning I splurged and had a banana AND an orange along with my instant coffee, which I did not find out until after I purchased was decaff.) Sheri had some instant oatmeal and chocolate milk. Dinners are generally just some bread and cracker type items (look like round pretzels, but taste a little like animal cookies) and a drink - soda, tea, or water. When we are more hungry for dinner, we have something very similar to Top Ramon. The kitchen in the apartment isn't really a kitchen. It has a sink, a fridge, and a electric pot for hot water. Nothing to cook with. I think we might try to make a salad soon - don't need to cook that.

The Lord continues to carry us. We miss our boys (not necessarily homesick, but we are missing family). It gives me a greater appreciation for missionaries who go to far off lands for years at a time to serve the Lord.

We appreciate your continued prayers as we wait for our court date. We do pray it will be very soon. Please also pray for our communication with the girls and for bonding.

God bless you all.

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Heidi and Felix said...

The Top Ramen there is called Mirvina and is a staple of mine sorta when I don't see something i want. Glad all is well Praying for you.


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