Saturday, October 30, 2010

Getting to know the girls

As we wait for court, we visit the girls every day we can. They each are showing us more of their personalities each time we meet. They are truly great girls (not perfect, but we would love to have them as daughters if the Lord wills it.

Both girls draw, and are very good at it. The younger girl seems to like to be in motion a bit more. I have had to learn how to rough house with girls as they both seem to like to. I know how to rough around with my boys, but with girls? I think I have it mostly figured out right now (at least for now - I'm sure I have a lot more to learn). We have still been playing a lot of Go Fish and checkers, and the girls have taught us a new game using the checkers board that is a lot of fun. There is a ping-pong paddle and ball set in a local market that I think we will be buying and bring on the next visit. I don't think we can do to much damage with ping-pong balls, can we?

Both girls have been calling Sheri mama with an occasional Sheri mixed in. I have been called Hey, Dennis, James, Papa (only a few times), and we think Daddy (though it sounds like Dennis to me). I don't know where Dennis came from. I never thought of myself as a Dennis :) They are comfortable enough with us that we both get hugs at the beginning and end of the visit, and sometimes during the visit.

We are missing the boys a lot. We wish we had the ability to fly home during the waiting period, but the finances aren't there for that. We pray that court goes very well, that there are no appeals during the waiting period, and that the passports come quickly. We would love to be home by Thanksgiving.

I know that we have been comforted during this whole experience by our Father in heaven. This has been a great growing experience for both of us as we learn to trust Him fully (shouldn't we have already known that?). We want what He wants, and truly desire to bring Him glory.

We appreciate your prayers for favor with the court and all involved in the process. Pray for the documents to all be processed quickly, to include the passports. Please also pray for our boys while we are away from them. We do miss them so very much.

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PlainJane said...

Do you feel comfortable mentioning what part of Ukraine you are in? We adopted our girls from Makeeva, in the Donetsk region. We left for our SDA appointment on November 26, 2 years ago and enjoyed "Thanksgiving dinner" at the Potato House in Kiev. :) Praying for you!

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