Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 5ish

We saw the girls Thursday, though only for a short time. We had a few minutes with N in the morning, saw her again out in the yard along with S prior to a 3pm meeting with them, and then only had about an hour. We could use all of your prayers. The are not sure they want us to adopt them. There's more to the story than that, but that is what I can share here for now.

We really need to know by tomorrow afternoon what they want so that we can decide how to proceed. God is in control, I know.

The Lord gave me a good nights sleep, and I woke up to His word, and then to worship music. This song played on my MP3 player:

That is truly where I am at. I want all my plans to be broken, and to be fully obedient to His plans and will. I walked in the morning dew with my Lord while listening to that song.

I was then further reminded of who is in charge when I read this devotional that I received in my email:

All I can say is that we serve a mighty and holy God, and that I want to serve Him for eternity.

We will return to the orphanage today. As I understand it, we will only be allowed one more hour. Please cover this situation in prayer. As I stated earlier, it has been strongly suggested that in the interest of time, the girls make a decision today.

For the first few days when we were in Kiev, we did not buy a lot of food as we did not think we could keep things cold that needed to stay cold on the trip to the region where we are now. We at out a few times, but other than that we ate our "emergency" food that we brought. Oatmeal, beef jerky, bread, almonds, and craisens. All in all we did not go hungry. Now that we are in region, we have started purchasing basic food items such as potatoes, onions, snickers bars :) , and oil to cook with. We will continue to buy little things here and there so that we can cook real meals in the apartment.

Whe did finally get to a little restaurant near the orphanage and had some real Ukrainian food. It was SO good. Our friends had made some Ukrainian dishes for us while the girls were at the house in April and I fell in love with it. We really need to learn how to cook like that.

Not to give you whiplash, but changing subjects here (sorry, this is my brain without coffee - actually, it is not much better with it ;) ). I was listening to a sermon the other day and the pastor was speaking about the Gospel (like he should have), and said something that turned on a light for me. He was talking about the criminal who hung on a cross next to Jesus, the one that Jesus told would be with Him in paradise. I don't remember the exact words, but it was something like, when asked why that man should get in to heaven, he would answer, "That man, that was hanging on the middle cross, said I could." Oh my, does the Gospel get any simpler than that? We complicate things so much these days. We speak in our own Christian language, and expect the lost to understand what we are saying. Brothers and sisters the Gospel is a deep mystery, and yet it is so simple. We are allowed into our Father's holy presence, because His Son said we could. He called, we answered (only because He gave us the desire and ability to), and on Christ and His word we stand, welcomed into the presence of the Father. i am not sure though that I will do much standing.


Giving Glory to God said...

We will continue to pray for God's will to be done. We realize how extremely difficult this must be to be going through.

Anonymous said...

We talked with L this morning, we are up to date and praying fervently that God's will be made evident to you thankful to hear that you are not "digging in" and are willing to accept what ever and who ever He has planned for you! We know, maybe better than most, how this change is affecting you - not that we are always the best example, but look at how He has blessed our family... His plan is ALWAYS PERFECT!!!!!!!
Love B&C

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