Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 18 (or so)

We received the needed document for the referral this past Friday. We then traveled by overnight train to the region of the girls orphanage. We met them Monday and have since spent time with them everyday. We are able to see them for 2 hours a day during the week, and 3 hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

I must tell you that these girls are beautiful and very sweet. If the Lord will allow it, we would be very happy to have these girls be our daughters. They are quickly stealing our hearts. Their smiles are very warming, and the occasional hug keeps us going.

We will continue to visit them everyday that we are able, and wait as patiently as we can for word of when our court date might be. There are several mountains to move. I will tell you now, that if we end up with a court date soon, it is truly the hand of God, and He and He alone would be worthy of the praise. It is our prayer that the court date comes quickly, that we will have favor will all those involved in the decision, and that all the steps that come after receiving (Lord willing) the final court papers would move swiftly and smoothly.

We are missing our boys a lot. We talked on the phone last night with four of them. Our youngest was talking so well. He has grown up so much even in these short weeks. It is hard to miss his growth. I so much would like to play catch with my boys, or maybe just an impromptu wrestling match :) Though, as I get older, I'm not sure how well I will continue to withstand the onslaught of 6 boys! I hold my own so far, but the teenagers give me a run for my money. I think they hold back so as not to embarrass their Dad ;)

I love the food here. We have so far had no major problems with anything we have eaten, nor with any of the water. We do have some water bottles with built in filters, so that could be helping :) The area we are in the water is, well, lets just say when I make a cup of tea there is an extra "film" that quickly covers the top of the tea. Not sure what it is. We have been buying bottled water and maybe will try to look for something like a water pitcher with a filter (like a Brita).

Sheri has been crocheting all sorts of things. She made a camera case, face scrubber (works great), scarfs (2), hats (7), and several friendship bracelets for the girls. She is very talented and I am proud of her.

Sheri has managed to teach me Yahtzee. Let me tell you, that was no small task :) I am not to much a game player, though I love the family interaction that happens when we play games. We have been playing Go Fish and the dice game Left, Right, Center with the girls. It is lots of fun and maybe, just maybe, I will finally learn numbers in another language.

My heart goes out to N and S. We will always wonder how they are doing, and pray that they will come to know the Lord. They will always have places in our hearts.

We make our plans, but we know the Lord will direct our steps.

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