Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dossier ready to go - sorta

We picked up our completed home study on Tuesday and sent in the required copy via overnight service to immigration to meet up with our already sent in form. We are praying that we get the letters notifying us to go get fingerprinted quickly and that we can get the immigration approval by the end of this month.

That is where the sorta comes in. We have, in hand, a completed, notarized, DHL enveloped (ya, I said that) dossier - minus the immigration approval. Once that comes in off it goes (with a short stop before it actually goes over seas) to Ukraine! That could be in 3 weeks or 5 months. Just whenever we get the immigration approval back. We are of course praying for the shorter time :) Please continue to pray that the paperwork is all moved along quickly with few snags so that we can travel in August (or sooner).

We still miss the girls. I don't think we actually stop missing them. We pray that they are safe and enjoying the summer camp they have gone to.

We are applying for grants now that we have the home study completed. We know the Lord will provide.

We did buy a van. The couple that sold it to us was very kind on the sales price. It had a small maintenance issue that needed dealt with so it is in the shop right now. It is an older Ford E350 15 passenger van. Lots of seats to go around :). While we could have made a 10-12 passenger van work, we can leave a bench out of this one and have plenty of cargo room and people room. When, Lord willing, the girls come home we won't have to take to cars everywhere we go as a family anymore (though I think we will be using the same amount of gas). We are praying about what to do with our current van.

We will continue to send weekly letters even though they may not get them. I am hoping that they will all be held for them and when they get back from camp they will have a big stack of mail to read through :)

That's all there really is to say right now. God is good. If He calls, He provides.

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