Wednesday, June 23, 2010

But let patience have her perfect result

We were fingerprinted at immigration yesterday. It was a fairly smooth and easy process. If anyone at the Fresno immigration office reads this, thank you for the quick of professional service!

The little problem that the officer in charge of our case asked for us to resolve was simple and we overnighted the required document so that it was received the same day we were fingerprinted. Sheri called and left of voice mail for the officer today to see if what we sent was acceptable. We pray that it is and should receive our immigration form in 2-3 weeks (of course we are praying for sooner).

I thank the Lord for His protection and provision for this process and pray for His continued protection and provision.

We are praying that the Lord's hand will guide the paperwork and decisions of all involved.

"...the whole disposing thereof is of the LORD."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Laser Quest Tag-a-Thon Adoption Fundraiser

Our next fundraiser is a Laser Quest Tag-a-Thon! Help us with our adoption expenses and have a blast doing it!

Date: Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: Laser Quest Fresno
1 Game of Laser Tag Cost is $7.00
Contact Sheri at for a pledge sheet. Collect pledges for every point scored, or a flat rate pledge.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


We have our fingerprinting (biometrics) appointments this Tuesday. Tomorrow we are hoping to talk the the officer in charge of our case at immigration to help clear up a question they have. We were sent a letter with a very specific information request that we cannot answer the way they are asking. Please pray that we are able to resolve this tomorrow and that after the fingerprinting Tuesday, we receive our immigration approval very, very quickly. We are still praying for an August travel date, and that could happen, but the Lord knows what is best.

We are missing the girls we hosted a lot and are praying fervently for them. Above all though I pray that they would come to know, love, and follow the Lord.

I have been reading several different adoption blogs and have been blessed by each one. Sometimes it seems as though a blog post was meant just for me and either encourages me or pulls me out of the pity party I had found myself in. Links to a few of the blogs I follow are below. I'm certain you will be as blessed as I am when you read them.

Thank you for your prayers - don't stop! As the time draws nearer for us to travel I am certain that our need for prayer will increase.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Get the frogs out of the pool boys.

No, you are squishing him, let him go.

Do not throw the tennis ball with frogs on it.

Do NOT put the frog in your mouth!

Leave the frog's bottom alone!

No dear, that frog is not "resting" in the water.


Not much to post about this time. We have our biometrics appointments scheduled. They are not until June 22 and it does not seem we can do anything to speed that up. After the biometrics we will have to wait for the immigration approval, then off goes the dossier.

We still miss the girls. I do not have the mind of God and do not know what His plan is. I know it is perfect.

We still need financial support so if you have been reading this and are being led, please do send what you can. We have been blessed by some generous gifts recently which help a lot, but we still have a long way to go. I know the Lord will provide, maybe He will choose to provide through you?

That is really all there is to say right now. God bless.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dossier ready to go - sorta

We picked up our completed home study on Tuesday and sent in the required copy via overnight service to immigration to meet up with our already sent in form. We are praying that we get the letters notifying us to go get fingerprinted quickly and that we can get the immigration approval by the end of this month.

That is where the sorta comes in. We have, in hand, a completed, notarized, DHL enveloped (ya, I said that) dossier - minus the immigration approval. Once that comes in off it goes (with a short stop before it actually goes over seas) to Ukraine! That could be in 3 weeks or 5 months. Just whenever we get the immigration approval back. We are of course praying for the shorter time :) Please continue to pray that the paperwork is all moved along quickly with few snags so that we can travel in August (or sooner).

We still miss the girls. I don't think we actually stop missing them. We pray that they are safe and enjoying the summer camp they have gone to.

We are applying for grants now that we have the home study completed. We know the Lord will provide.

We did buy a van. The couple that sold it to us was very kind on the sales price. It had a small maintenance issue that needed dealt with so it is in the shop right now. It is an older Ford E350 15 passenger van. Lots of seats to go around :). While we could have made a 10-12 passenger van work, we can leave a bench out of this one and have plenty of cargo room and people room. When, Lord willing, the girls come home we won't have to take to cars everywhere we go as a family anymore (though I think we will be using the same amount of gas). We are praying about what to do with our current van.

We will continue to send weekly letters even though they may not get them. I am hoping that they will all be held for them and when they get back from camp they will have a big stack of mail to read through :)

That's all there really is to say right now. God is good. If He calls, He provides.