Saturday, May 15, 2010


We had our first interview for the home study and believe it went well. In discussing the time line I was starting to get concerned that the rest of the interviews would be stretched out but as it turned out, the next two interviews were scheduled for the next day! We are praying that the home visit will be able to be scheduled sometime this coming week and Lord willing (I mean that) the report will be done in the first week of June. That is just awesome! Please keep praying.

I know it may not be realistic, but we have picked a week in August to start praying for as our travel time. Humanly speaking, I don't see it happening that quickly, but we will pray the Lord's will in it. He has made everything else move quickly for us so far. To God be the glory. We are anxious to travel and bring the girls home.

Our immigration paperwork was received and now it's just the wait game. The home study will have to be sent in to complete the immigration paperwork anyway, but we are praying by sending in the rest of it first it will speed things up.

I must say that we have been very blessed by so, so many people lately. You know who you are. We are blessed to be working with God's Waiting Children not only for the hosting, but for the adoption. Our brothers and sisters in Christ are certainly caring for us.

The girls we hosted have not received our letters yet, and we have not received the letter they said they sent. Takes a long time to get letters from here to there. We are trying to write one every week to let them know we love them and miss miss them.

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Carmen said...

Michael and I are so excited for you and Sheri. Our prayers are added to yours that God would completely direct your paths, timing, life direction. We know that God can do what He desires if we will only lay ourselves down before Him. Blessings to you and your family.

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