Sunday, May 9, 2010


Paperwork wise, we are playing the waiting game as we need our passport numbers for most of the dossier and we don't expect those back for awhile. I pray we can complete the home study interviews quickly and get all that done and over with. Once the home study is completed we can apply for grants to help fund the adoption and maybe not have to use all the house fund.

Still waiting to see where the Lord will lead in regards to a missions trip. I'll keep looking around and see if He is pointing me in any specific direction and/or timing.

So tonight after dinner I asked the boys to tell me what the Gospel was. I was a bit surprised when I got a bunch of blank stares and "I don't know" answers. Our 7 year old did finally pipe up and give a pretty good answer, but I had been praying that we have taught them all well enough that they each could have provided some sort of an answer. I guess I have been failing in getting the message across to them. I'll be working each night this week on explaining the Gospel to our boys. I could use some prayer in speaking clearly and concisely, without it sounding like a lecture. I pray for the day when each of my children proclaims Christ as their Saviour and takes the step of obedience in baptism.

Spent almost all afternoon and evening working on my online flight instructor renewal course and then did some of the Rosetta Stone Russian course as well. Be glad when the renewal course is done so that I can spend more time with family and less time in front of the computer.

I am still praying for God's hand to move our adoption process along very quickly. His will over ours though. Since He can hold the universe together, I know He know's best how to direct our steps and the timing of it all.

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