Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Interview Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be our first home study interview. I bit nervous, but I know it is all in His hands. I pray that we are able to schedule the other home study interviews in short order and get that step completed. Our paperwork is coming along, despite the fact that we ordered the required marriage licenses from the wrong county, so we didn't get them yet. It was over 16 years ago, who remembered that we got the license in one county but were married in a different one?

I am still seeking the Lord's leading as far as mission trips go. I did hear an encouraging and convicting sermon on the radio today. The short of it is that when someone asks who you work for, you should have plenty of evidence to back up the answer "I am employed by the Lord Jesus Christ." I'm certain I fail that one frequently.

An example: there has been a homeless man that I see now and then at an intersection I pass through frequently. His sign reads "homeless family, please help" (or something similar). I have thought about stopping to talk to him but always seemed to be in a hurry, or at least that is what I have told myself. The times that I decided I would stop if I saw him, he was not there. Several weeks ago I was driving to church with N (one of the girls we hosted) in the car. She saw him and kind of asked what his deal was. I explained with the few Russian words I knew that he was homeless. Her expression changed quickly to one of sadness. She wanted me to stop, but we were already late for church. All this talk about being Christ followers and I blew the chance to back it up, to line up my actions with my faith. Can you believe that? On the WAY to church and I didn't stop. Well, that weighed heavy on me.

I saw that man yesterday. I stopped. His name is Dave and his wife died from cancer last year. He stated that he, his daughter, and his one year old granddaughter live in a tent by the freeway. He said he had a bad back and was not able to work. "Who is gonna hire a 50 year old man with a bad back?" He asked. Now I don't know his whole story, or if he made any of it up, but he genuinely cried when he spoke of his wife. He is lost and in pain. I prayed for him right there, and will still pray for him. I gave him what little cash I had with me at the time, and my heart goes out to him. If you think about it, pray for Dave and his family.

Still missing the girls and am praying for them.

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