Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fellowship and Progress

We had a great time of fellowship last night with some friends (three families were represented last night) who hosted when we did and are pursuing adoption as well. Actually, we are all pursuing sibling sets! It was awesome to hear how our Almighty God has worked in each of our lives to protect, provide, direct, and to use us for His purposes. A big thanks to the Hughes family for having us over! It is so good for us as believers to look back at all of His handy work in our lives, sort of a modern day stacking up of stones. We have many, many stone piles to look back on.

I think the biggest reminder that Sheri and I took away from last night's fellowship was that NOTHING is a surprise to God. He knows exactly what is going to happen and nothing, nothing can stand in the way of His plans (notice I said His plans, not my plans). There is nothing I can do to mess up His plans either. I love our Lord!

I was also reminded that none of us can do this on our own. It is His calling, and His provision that will bring our children home, and the Lord has the ability and authority to choose any method He wants to provide for each of us. In our weakness, He is made strong.

We had the fourth home study interview/visit on Thursday and it went well. We should be done (if the Lord wills) in the first week in June and be able to send a copy in to meet up with our already sent I-600a to immigration! Pray that the I-600a will be processed very quickly. The Lord has moved things along very quickly so far! He is deserving of ALL the glory!

We are still praying for an August travel date. Not only would that bring the girls home soon, but it would really work the best for my employer. A fall or winter travel date will be tough to do, but the Lord knows how it will all work out.

We are looking for a van that we can all fit in once the girls come home. We looked at one at local used car lot but it had a few issues and we just could not afford the lowest price the sales person would take for the van. We have another option that we will check into today.

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