Saturday, May 29, 2010

House vs. Home?

House vs. Home

I was talking with a friend the other day. He mentioned that he was teaching his children the difference between a house and a home. There is a big difference, and the Lord continues to teach me more and more about that. A house is just a building. A roof and walls. But a home, a home is where God's design for a family exists. It is where the parents raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. It is where the family plays, learns, and grows. The home can be anything or anywhere. I suppose it could even be mobile -but the family is there. I did spend so much time away from my family while working toward a worthless goal, that my home was just a house. I have seen, as I allow the Lord to teach me and grow me as a father, that I do have a home. I have an incredible wife, six beautiful boys here with me, and two beautiful daughters waiting to come home.

Progress Update

We should be picking up our completed home study first thing this coming week. We'll get a copy overnighted to immigration and pray hard that the immigration paperwork happens smoothly and quickly. The dossier is printed and waiting to be notarized and will need the immigration paperwork with it in order to be complete. We are still praying for an August travel date (or sooner :) ). The sooner the better for me and I'm sure the girls, but always in the Lord's will and timing.

Once we have the home study in hand, we will also apply for grants to help with the adoption expenses. We are praying the the Lord will provide funds.

We did look at the van I had mentioned before and will be buying it. The family that is selling it is being very kind to us and Lord willing, we will transfer the title this coming week and then take it to the shop to have some needed repair work done on it.

If you have been praying for our family and our adoption process, please keep doing so. All your prayers are appreciated and needed. As always, you are welcome to donate to our adoption through the God's Waiting Children website ( or by sending a check to God's Waiting Children. In either case, put "Fontes adoption" in the memo/comment section. You can send us a check directly if you would like.

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