Sunday, April 11, 2010

Long overdue update

I always seem to be busier than I think I really am. I thought I could make at least weekly posts to the blog, but that is not reality when you have six children and are looking to buy a new house and adopt.

Ya, a lot has happened since I've posted anything worth reading (not that this is either, but I'll post it anyway). We did sell our home and though it did not sell for as much as we initially thought we we could get, the Lord blessed us with a profit. Three weeks before we moved, we had not found a new house to purchase, or even to rent. It looked like we would be squeezing into relatives houses and putting our stuff into storage. But for God...

God moved on the hearts of an incredible family who then offered for us to stay in their vacant home that they had not been able to sell in this housing market. What a blessing from the Lord. It is an incredible home owned by some very generous and gracious people. We have been living in this house since just before Thanksgiving and had continued to look for other homes to include placing offers on two homes - neither of which we "won".

We had continued to wait for the hosting program to happen, but it was delayed repeatedly. We were going to be hosting a 10 year old girl, but she was adopted. Then a nine year old girl, but she was adopted. The the hosting program for this trip switched orphanages and we were presented with the opportunity to host TWO girls - sisters. We accepted the opportunity - but the hosting trip didn't happen.

So there we were, in an incredible house but not our own, no hosting program happening, and just waiting for the Lord's will and timing.

We had been praying since we signed up for the hosting program whether or not the Lord would have us pursue adoption as well. After much, much prayer, Sheri and I both felt that the Lord was directing us that way. We signed the paperwork, which started the paperwork :) and we became "paper pregnant".

We found out that the hosting program was going to really happen. Time went on and the group of children from Ukraine were on the plane coming to the US, all but the girls we were - paperwork issues as we understand it. They came 5 days after the rest of the group, but will have to go back with the group so they will have a shorter trip. They have certainly taken our hearts.

We prayed about using our house fund to complete the adoption. I had decided that unless the Lord moved differently, I was more than willing to use the house fund for the adoption. What's a house compared to two children's lives? It is not my money anyway, it is His. Now, I know it sounds foolish, and I was told that it was foolish, not in so many words, by a few people, but I truly believe that it would be better to bring two children into our family than to have the house of the "American dream". We will not be homeless. There are a lot of nice homes to rent in the area we like.

So, the Lord moved. The same day I had made up my mind to use the house fund, a house came on the market that seems to be what we were looking for and it was just within our price range. That threw a wrench in the works. What to do? Pray of course. We did sign an offer for the house but then had our agent hold it until we prayed more.

We came to the conclusion that the timing was not a coincidence and that we should submit the offer. We feel that if we do not get the house, we will know exactly what we need to do with the funds. If we do get the house, it will be the Lord's doing as most of the homes in the area we are looking are selling for more than list price, and we are not able to offer that. If we do get the house, then we believe that the Lord can, and will, provide for the adoption.

If any of you reading this blog feel led to donate to our adoption, please do so. You can donate through the God's Waiting Children Website ( and put "Fontes adoption" in the notes. You can send checks as well. Thank you in advance for doing so. We need about 27,000 more to complete the adoption, plus whatever our airfare would be. The Lord is more than capable to provide.

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