Friday, April 16, 2010

An Answer?

I received word today from our real estate agent that we did not get the house we offered on. While I am sad about that, it brings us back to the option of using the house fund for the adoption. Please pray for us as we come to a final decision on this. We will not move forward with that option unless we both fully agree that it is the direction we should go.

We took the family to the zoo yesterday. It was fun, but challenging to keep all 8 children in the group. No one was lost, but we did have some tantrums (mainly from me :) ). Hopefully sometime soon the computer, the camera, me, and some time will all line up and I will post some pictures.

The older of the two girls we are hosting, Nadya, told me about her father using mostly hand gestures. It seems that he had taken her at least once to an amusement park of sorts, which she very much enjoyed doing. She also explained that he passed away. It seemed pretty big to me that she would open up to me about that.

Please pray for God's direction to made clear for us. Thank you in advance.

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