Friday, May 15, 2009

Step by Step

Speaking of six little boys, the Lord put it on our hearts a few months ago to look into hosting an orphan from the Ukraine. I had met the pastor who helped put this together a year or so ago through flying. Then Sheri got connected to the group that arranges the hosting through her home school network. Funny how things work that way ;)

Anyway, we put in our application to host. If all works out, we will be hosting a 10 year old girl.

Please pray that our boys accept this girl as a sister for the summer and that we can share the love of Christ with her. The Lord has always provided what we have needed, and we continue to pray and look forward to His provision as we will be paying all the expenses to bring her over.

God has a perfect plan. What that is, I do not know. Sheri and I will just take each step in the direction that He calls us to go. Step by step.

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