Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why "Planting Children"?

My wife and I have learned in our marriage that unless we are in agreement on a decision we are making, we should not move forward with it. If we do move forward while still in disagreement, whatever it may be, never works out for the best for our family.

There are clear times in our lives, specifically after we both accepted Christ as our Savior, that we can see how the Lord led us to be in agreement. One such time was when we agreed to take in and then adopt our two oldest boys (more on that elsewhere). Just before Thanksgiving 2008, we were both chewing on the thought of moving toward an agrarian lifestyle. We were not discussing this, just independentely working the idea over, seeking the Lord's guidance.

We purchased some videos from Franklin Springs Family Media ( that included the videos "Inherit the Land: Adventures on the agrarian journey" and "A Journey Home". Both of these videos confirmed what we were individually feeling led to do. It was after we watched the videos that we discused the fact that we were both thinking and being led the same direction.

We are following the agrarian vision we have been given. We make our plans, but the final decision is the Lord's. Our house is on the market, and we are looking for an area to move to that will make a relatively short commute for my "factory" job, and allow for us to have the space required to become more self supportive with a large garden and animals. We are reading everything we can get our hands on. We are asking questions, and most importantly, we pray daily for the Lord's wisdom and direction.

As the vision has developed, my wife came up with the concept of "planting" our children. To raise them in an enviroment where they can connect so many scriptures directly to what they are seeing and doing. To "grow" them up knowing, loving, and following the Lord. Christ used agricultural examples in his teachings because it was something His audience could make a connection with - something they could understand. I desire to bring to life in the hearts of my children the words the Lord spoke.

I do not know for sure what the future holds for our family, only Who holds that future.

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