Sunday, January 18, 2009


So, I was in the garage getting projects done (I was actually home), and was cutting the plastic insulation off of a replacement power cord for a friends circular saw with an exacto knife (you see it coming, don’t you), when I slipped. Now, I was breaking my own rule of how to cut, whether it be an exacto knife or a pocket knife (always cut away from yourself, ALWAYS), and of course, when you break your own rules, you’re bound to get hurt. So anyway, I slipped. So there I was looking at my hand with an exacto blade sticking out of it saying to myself, oh, thats not good. I removed the knife and the blood started coming out. Not a tremendous amount, but more than a scratch. I went in and washed my hand off, grabbed a paper towel, and applied pressure (good ‘ol USMC training). I called Sheri who was just finishing dinner out with her Mom, and asked that they come home and tell me what they think of my wound. It was decided to go see a friend from church who is a doctor (and loves to do stitches) and have him take a peek. As expected, it was no big deal, and he just put a tape type thing on the cut to hold it together, and told me to schedule a tetnis shot in the next week.


Sorry, no pics :)

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